DMCA Policy

Notice and Takedown Procedure, in addition to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s Policy

In accordance with the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) (the text of which can be found on the website of the United States Copyright Office, which can be found at, our policy is to respond as quickly as possible to valid notices of alleged copyright infringement. We will only respond if the notification is valid.

It is assumed that any user of wpFunda (“”) will adhere to all applicable copyright laws when making use of any component of the website. However, we will terminate contributors and remove or disable access to the content in question if we receive a valid notice of an alleged copyright infringement. This will be the case whether or not the applicable law finds us liable for the infringement under U.S. law or the law of another country.

Let’s pretend we respond to this type of notice by erasing the offending content or blocking access. We will make a reasonable effort to notify the content creator so that they may respond to the DMCA takedown notice in accordance with Sections 512(g)(2) and (3) by filing a counter-notification. As an added precaution, we may keep a record of all reports of possible violations that we investigate.

INFRINGEMENT NOTIFICATION: Filling Out a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice

If wpFunda receives a DMCA takedown notice, it will follow the procedures outlined here and in the DMCA takedown notice.

In order to file an infringement complaint with wpFunda, you must send the company a letter, fax, or email. The following is a list of required fields for this message.

If you make a false copyright infringement claim, you could be liable for damages (including legal fees and court costs) (s). As a result, you should talk to an attorney if you have doubts about whether or not copyright laws provide adequate protection for the content you’ve created.

To ensure that your inquiry receives a speedy response, we ask that you use the following format (indicated by the section numbers):

Name, address, phone number, and, if possible, an email address where the complaining party can be contacted;

“I, the undersigned, confirm that I am either the copyright owner or duly authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner with respect to the following copyrighted material.”

Specify┬áthe type of legally protected content that you believe was misused. (For example, in the case, “the copyrighted image at issue is “Content Title,” which can be described as “Description: literary work, image, etc.” by “name of the author,” in addition to any information on federal registration that may be available.)

Information reasonably sufficient to permit wpFunda to locate the material (such as “Title of Article” at this URL:, which is subject to the alleged infringement or to be the subject of infringing activity and that is to be removed or access to which is to be disabled. The content that is being alleged or involved directly in infringement must be taken down or made inaccessible to the public (link-to-article).